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Translation of materials for a diploma: What should be considered?

In most faculties, the graduate is required to familiarize himself with the research of foreign authors. An advanced specialist should be aware of the achievements of world science, Herstein? Fortunately, in most cases, you can familiarize yourself with the already translated texts.

Nevertheless, there are cases when, when writing a diploma, you have to make translations from foreign languages:

You need to work with foreign sources due to the specifics of your thesis research. It is clear that if the topic of your diploma sounds like "The specifics of creating new scientific terms in the Klingon language", you will not get away from immersion in the texts "in Burman".
The use of scientific monographic and periodicals in foreign languages is a mandatory requirement of the department, although in general the thesis is written on the basis of  literature and already published translations. But the department believes that specialists graduating from the alma mater should have a command of a foreign language at a level sufficient to study the latest foreign materials. The idea is not stupid, but, you know, most specialists don't care about these materials. At the department, of course, this is also well understood, so it is usually enough to stick in a few translated quotations "for decoration."
You really do not have enough materials, you cannot find the required data . The latest research on your topic has not yet been translated. What to do - you have to translate yourself! But there is also a plus in this situation. Most likely, your supervisor has not yet had time to get acquainted with these materials. And if search engines indexed them, then only on foreign languages, and your translations are unique. You can copy bourgeois research in pieces, articles, chapters.

You are a fan of science and try to reach all the materials on the topic that exist in nature.

In most cases, knowledge of English is sufficient to study foreign materials. When writing a thesis study, other languages are needed only by a part of philologists, linguists, historians, a small percentage of travel managers and journalists - but these are already particulars. If someone is flattered by studying the treasures of erotic literature in ancient Greek, it is his sexual-intellectual problems.

There are three ways to get to your goal:

  1. Do the translation yourself. If you decide on this feat, we recommend getting a textbook / self-instruction manual for students of your speciality - with in-depth study of professionalism. Such manuals are produced for techies, historians, journalists, economists, lawyers and representatives of other professions. It also makes sense to acquire a textbook for graduate students - in such manuals, an emphasis is placed on the phrases characteristic of the scientific style

  2. Use Google translator. The main thing is to make Google translate more or less decent. With highly specialized texts, this will not be easy, so this option is suitable for students who need to extract only a couple of quotes from a foreign source. You can also use a google translator to run a large amount of scanned or copied text - to understand what it is about and isolate the appropriate parts. And these pieces can already be translated independently or given to a professional.Of the useful devices, we also mention a translator with a scanner pen. But this thing helps with self-translation - I spent it on an incomprehensible word in a book or photocopy, and received a translation. And the rest is all by myself.

  3. Order a translation from professionals in a translation bureau or on the (hurray, life hack!). can be found specializing in scientific texts, well versed in scientific terminology. You can even find right away who will write the diploma using foreign sources.

And one more important point: the performer you have chosen in the College Paper Help must be fluent not only in foreign, but also in English. When ordering a translation from a person for whom the English language is not native, you risk surprising the scientific advisor with clumsy quotations in some exotic version

A few tips for using translated literature in your thesis.

  • Be prepared to share translations with your supervisor, and maybe with other teachers of the department.

  • Don't delay translations. Even if you order translations, make an adequate estimate of the time it may take for work.

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